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Divine Worth Services Include:     Personal & Group Sessions   |   Workshops & Retreats   |   Speaking

Services are offered in-person as well as virtually. In-person sessions are offered in Howell, MI. Sessions can also be conducted virtually via phone or web connection.

The basis of Divine Worth services is to provide non-judgmental, compassionate support to help you transform what’s keeping you stuck, and unleash your true potential. I don’t do the work for you…However, I can guide, encourage and support you in the process with exercises, tools, and teachings, and hold you accountable to do the work. Results of services are different for everyone and are also based on your level of participation and effort.

The Divine Worth process to live your full potential is based on three core elements: spiritual healing (utilizing spiritual modalities such as guided meditations, and working divine “guides”), reclaiming your true self-worth, and learning how to be a “conscious creator”  to mindfully create what you desire (working with the laws of abundance and taking responsibility for what you’re creating).

These services are for you if:

You are open to exploring compassionate, empowering spiritual practices and tools.

You struggle with any of the following: achieving your goals, clarity about your life direction, feeling overwhelmed, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, self-sabotage, poor boundaries, past trauma that holds you back, lack of confidence or just feeling stuck in life.

You are ready and willing to do the transformational work and want support.

You are in a place where you can invest in yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.


These services are not for you if:

You are not open to exploring compassionate and loving spiritual aspects of healing.

You want someone to fix you or do the work for you.

You aren’t ready to commit to doing the work to transform what’s keeping you stuck.

You aren’t “coachable” or willing to learn new ideas or ways of thinking and being.

You are seeking services to please someone else.

You aren’t in a place to invest your time, money, energy and talents in yourself.

It is one thing to desire change, and another to put your energy into creating change. Are you ready to transform what’s keeping you stuck, and start enjoying a more fulfilling life of purpose?

If so, visit the service pages below for more information, and to find a service that fits best for you to get started.

Personal & Group Sessions



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